The Vision and Mission of the Nicotine Science Center

Tobacco use is one of the biggest threats to global public health. It is established that tobacco use is the biggest cause of cancer, and that it causes approximately 22 per cent of cancer deaths and 71 per cent of lung cancer deaths. Currently, there are more than 1 billion smokers in the world.

Effective aid to tobacco cessation is therefore of utmost importance. Today, Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) such as nicotine gum and patches aid tobacco users around the world to tobacco cessation. Although the effects of NRT-treatment are well documented, improvement of the efficacy of the NRT-products is still needed. To develop more effective products, advances in the understanding of nicotine and its delivery are vital.

The aim of the Nicotine Science Center is to do just that: Increase the understanding of nicotine and its delivery through funding and facilitating research projects in partnership with leading researchers, universities and other relevant organizations. This will strengthen the development of better and more effective NRT-products for tobacco cessation.

The Vision of the Nicotine Science Center is to:

Support healthier living by improving the understanding of nicotine and its delivery

The Nicotine Science Center’s mission on our way to attain this vision is to be a leading Center of nicotine science

  • Enabling the development of more effective Nicotine Replacement Therapy products in order to increase the success rates for tobacco cessation
  • Promoting and sharing scientific research on nicotine

The Values of the Nicotine Science Center

As the Nicotine Science Center is an affiliate of Fertin Pharma, the values of Fertin Pharma are applied as the foundation of the work of the Nicotine Science Center: Commitment, Credibility and Excellence.

We are committed and ambitious

  • The Nicotine Science Center makes every effort to ensure that the research builds knowledge in an efficient way and that researchers are familiar with and committed to the strategic goals and vision of the Center to support healthier living. The Nicotine Science Center strives to conduct research for the good of mankind, and to expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge within the scope of the Nicotine Science Center.

We Show Respect and Openness

  • The Nicotine Science Center respects the research freedom and the recognized ethical standards, avoids plagiarism and conducts efficient financial management. The results of the scientific research of the Nicotine Science Center will be published in peer reviewed journals, and be open to the scientific community and the public as soon as possible, without impacting the opportunity to secure protection of intellectual property rights.

We Create Results and Quality Research

  • The Nicotine Science Center will strive to gather leading researchers and partners, who work towards the same vision to support healthier living through scientific discoveries of new knowledge about nicotine and its application in various delivery systems to enable the development of more effective products for tobacco users.